5SOS Look So Perfect In These GIFs!

Did 'Live From MTV' leave you with 5SOS amnesia? Relive the whole show with these GIFs.

Today the stars aligned, the heavens parted, the skinny jeans were miraculously zipped into, the hair was gelled, and the all-girl audience was glossed and ready to lose their voices, their mind, and s**t when 5 Seconds Of Summer graced the MTV Newsroom for a #blessed 30-minute "Live From MTV" special.

The VMA Artist To Watch nominees and performers stripped down "Amnesia," answered fan questions (including one about SHIPPING AND READING YOUR FAN FIC!), and sweetly agreed to pile on multiple pairs of underwear and shove Chinese dumplings into their mouths. And obviously they looked so perfect without even trying.

Michael and Luke playing an acoustic version of "Amnesia": PERFECT!

5SOS eating Chinese food: PERFECT!

5SOS trying on underwear and thongs? SO PERFECT!

Ashton helping Calum with his undies? TOO PERFECT!

Calum and Ashton doing this? PERFECTION!

5SOS making these perfect 5SOS faces: TOO PERFECT!

5SOS making more perfect 5SOS faces: The most perfect! The end!

Watch the entire "Live From MTV: 5 Seconds Of Summer" episode!

GIFs by Gavin Alaoen