Fandom Of The Year Voting Moves Into A Fantastic Final Four

Can 'Community' conquer 'Veronica Mars'?

Another round of voting in the Fandom of the Year competition is over, and some of the brackets most popular names have fallen at the hands of even bigger fandoms.

With only days left before the mtvU Fandom Awards, now is the time to vote to make your fanbase heard.

Here's who is left in the competition:

"Veronica Mars" Vs. "Community"

One half of bracket is ending with a showdown between two beloved cult shows. Who will win between "Community" and "Veronica Mars"? I'd like to say the fandom with the most in-jokes wins, but it really just comes down to votes.

"Supernatural" Vs. "Free! Iwatobi Swim Club"

Well, these opponents couldn't be more different. The anime favorite will face off against the seemingly un-killable CW series in this leg of the Final Four. It's going to be a fierce competition that brings out fans on either side.

The only way to voice your opinion is to vote in the penultimate round of the Fandom of the Year bracket.