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David Lynch Just Designed Women's Workout Clothes (No, Seriously)

David Lynch, everyone's strange uncle, has a new unlikely line of goods: women's workout clothing. In addition to being an avid coffee enthusiast, a transcendental meditator, and surrealist filmmaker, the Blue Velvet director can now add womenswear designer to his list of accomplishments. Lynch has collaborated with Live The Process, an activewear company for people who believe that gym clothes and enlightenment should go hand in hand. (This isn't as off-brand as you think: The auteur has been involved with Transcendental Meditation since '73.)

Live The Process

The line features among others a corset bra, a scoop-bra top, leggings, and geometric shorts in a "David Lynch floral," and all proceeds go toward victims of abuse. Namaste, David. You got me. And while I won't be fire walking to the gym anytime soon, I'll be wearing those high-waisted bike shorts while going to town on some damn good coffee and a slice of cherry pie.