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Frank Grillo's Character In 'The Purge: Anarchy' Might Be The Ultimate Badass

He's like Snake Plissken crossed with Charles Bronson.

With reporting by Charles Webb.

It's national "Purge" day, everyone. "The Purge: Anarchy," the sequel to the surprise hit, comes out today (July 18).

One of the highlights of the movie is Frank Grillo's Sarge. While Ethan Hawke's character in the first movie was more of a simple everyman, Grillo's character in "Anarchy" is a complete 180 from that type.

"He is a badass," Grillo told MTV News.

And just how hardcore is the character? Well, Grillo said that in addition to basing him on Charles Bronson's characters from the '70s, they also borrowed from the ultimate badass in John Carpenter's "Escape From New York."

"Snake Plissken, we used him as a model for this guy as well," Grillo said.

So the character is pretty much a mix of every awesome action movie hero's DNA. But will we be seeing more of him after "Anarchy?" According to Grillo, it's very possible.

"We have been talking about what would be next for this guy, and for the series itself," Grillo said. "I love the character, so if there's another one to be had, I'm in."

Grillo might have more than one franchise on his hands, as the actor, who also played Brock in "Captain America: The First Avenger," addressed that character's future within the Marvel universe.

"I'm cautiously optimistic," Grillo said. "We know the origin of the character, it's no secret where he goes from here. Knock wood, if everything goes as planned, that's the plan."

Check out "The Purge: Anarchy," in theaters now.