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Cam'ron's Dancing Is 'So Bad' That It's Good In New Video With Nicki Minaj

Killa and Nick have some real chemistry.

Just a day after releasing the audio, Cam'ron and Nicki Minaj are back at it, with the video for their collab "So Bad."

Complex premiered the visual and it's so good. Maybe it's so bad that it's so good -- but it's so good, either way.

Cam goes house shopping for a place that will cost him $20,000 a month, which he says is no problem. The real issue, though, is that Nicki is the owner of the property and she seems to take issue with the Harlem native.

The video doesn't exactly follow the premise of the song's lyrics, but I guess it shows a troubled relationship (just not the kind that's described in the song), so that kind of works.

There are some beautiful shots of New York City, great facial expressions from both MCs, hilarious green screen action and some of the best dance moves you'll ever see, courtesy of Killa.

This song is featured on Cam's upcoming project 1st of the Month: Vol. 2.