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Turn Down The Lights, And Listen To Austin Mahone's 'Say My Name'

Mahone shares the official track on Wednesday after a leak.

Since the Internet decided to act all Internet-y and leak Austin Mahone's supposed new single, "Say My Name," he went right ahead and dropped the official version on Tuesday (July 15).

It's a slow-jam, bump-and-grind hit that speaks to Austin's growing maturity in the music scene. With lyrics like "Baby, cut the lights down low / And I'm gon' treat you like you never felt before / Breathe / Baby girl I know you got your needs / And I'll make it my mission to make sure you're pleased," he tells the world "the time is right" and he's ready for someone to "say my name."

Take a listen let Austin's smooth vocals make you feel some kind of way:

Austin is getting ready to embark on his fist major tour, kicking off next weekend (June 26) in San Antonio, Texas with Fifth Harmony and Shawn Mendes.