This Guy Gets Drunk By Eating Bread, Seriously

Matthew Hogg has a rare disorder called auto-brewery syndrome, where his body produces its own alcohol.

Matthew Hogg is just your average, 30-something-year-old man living in the United Kingdom -- except for the fact his body produces its own alcohol. He has a rare disorder called auto-brewery syndrome. That sounds awesome, right? Booze is so expensive and this guy always get drunk for free. But no, it's not awesome. Imagine every time you want to eat a hamburger, doughnut or piece of cake, you get hammered and have a hangover the next day. Getting tipsy occasionally can be fun, but being drunk or hungover all the time is a horror show. How would you hold down a job? A relationship? Or ever drive a car?

Any time he eats sugar or carbohydrates, Hogg's intestines converts them into ethanol, which is pure alcoholic. Essentially he's doing shots of Everclear by eating a slice of pizza.

In an great interview he did with Vice, Hogg explains what a struggle this makes his day-to-day life. So the next time you wish you could get drunk for free, think again.