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Watch Real Male Strippers Give Joe Manganiello Some 'Magic Mike' Tips

The men of 'La Bare' have some advice for the big sequel.

reporting by Josh Horowitz

It's pretty clear that the rest of the universe enjoyed Big Dick Richie's performance in the 2012 American masterpiece "Magic Mike," but how did the real deal strippers the film was based on feel about Joe Manganiello's routine? Thankfully, MTV News got a chance to ask said strippers this very crucial question when Manganiello and the boys of Dallas' "La Bare" came to town to talk about the "True Blood" actor's documentary about their club.

"For me it was kind of the same act that I do, so I give it 10 out of 10," J.D. told MTV News' Josh Horowitz. "He needs to be a little more selective with the women he chooses to put on stage... once you start getting up there in age you've got to be a little more careful with your body."

Manganiello, to his credit, did not seem to mind his docu-subject's not-so-subtle age diss.

"All girls need love," Manganiello quipped. "Big Dick Richie doesn't discriminate."

The boys also discussed the best kinds of music to strip to, but Manganiello pointed out that it's not necessarily the song that matters.

"If all else fails, just find a girl to grind on," he said. "It's like junior high."

For more on "La Bare" -- including the moves you may or may not be seeing from Manganiello in "Magic Mike XXL" -- check out the video above.

"La Bare" is currently playing in limited release, and will be available OnDemand on August 19.