'Young Ones' Trailer Has Elle Fanning, Nicholas Hoult, And The Drought Apocalypse

There's nothing worse than a dry wedding.

Beware, you guys: the new trailer for "Young Ones" is going to make you thirsty, and not just because Nicholas Hoult is in it, strutting around with smudges of super-sexy apocalypse dust accentuating his cheekbones just so. The film, which screened at Cannes in May and is now slated for theatrical release in the fall, depicts the struggle of future humans trying to live in the parched desolation of an endless drought.

Nicholas Hoult stars as a young man trying to take the land of a struggling family, a family which includes a daughter (Elle Fanning) with whom he is apparently in love with... Which is bound to make things awkward. Also, robots!

Billed as a dystopian Western, "Young Ones" promises to spice up its shootouts with some neat sci-fi twists; we're particularly curious about the part where Elle appears trailing a bunch of surgically-attached (?) wires from some kind of port in her spine.

"Young Ones" will be in theaters this October.