Back To School Guide: Here's The Gear Guys Need

Don't wait until the last days of summer to shop for fall.

Everyone hates to hear "back to school" talk, but a smart guy embraces it early. You want to start now so it's not a huge, stressful headache to do it all at the last minute. That will only ruin your last days of summer, the days when you're supposed to be squeezing in the last drops of beach time, or bonfire camping time, or water slide get the idea. If you start buying your things today, you'll barely notice the smooth transition into fall. Here are seven must-have products to get you started.

The SL Loop Runner

Choosing a pair of classic kicks is always a smart move. That's why they're called "classics." adidas made history at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games when they unveiled their original sport lifestyle shoe, the SL 72. Over 40+ years, these have become a staple for athletic guys to wear when they're not competing -- unless it's competing in kicking back. Now they've introduced their latest addition to the family, the SL Loop Runner. They still have that classic design (fun, simple and clean) but with a unique spin for this year. Available in red, green, blue and black, they'll complement any look.

Price: $75

Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Using a tablet at school rather than lugging around a laptop is a great idea, but you have to have the right one. Typing on some tablets takes forever. If you have to carry around a separate keyboard, why not just go back to the laptop? The new Galaxy Tab S's virtual keyboard almost feels like the real thing. It also has a Super AMOLED screen. We don't totally understand what that means, but we do know watching video on it looks amazing.

Price $499

HP Chromebook 11

You can't always get away with just a tablet, so this is a solid, very reasonably-priced option. What's great is you can get the mobile internet connection through Verizon, so you don't have to worry about finding Wi-Fi. It's hard enough to find quiet places to do homework without also worrying about spotty internet.

Price $299

Casio G-Shock Camouflage Watch

If you're going to have an accessory, it better be an awesome watch. Sure, you can just tell time with your cellphone, but that doesn't make any kind of fashion statement. This G-Shock stands out in a crowd (which is the opposite of what camouflage is supposed to do, but still) and it won't cost you an arm and leg like those blingy timepieces will.

Price: $150

Time Shaker Micro Stereo Clock Radio

If you're going to live in a dorm or small apartment, this is a must-have if you want to stay on good terms with your roommate(s). Don't worry about disrupting their sleep schedule by setting your alarm; this system has a shaker that fits under your pillow and vibrates to wake you up. Then, when you are ready to get loud, it can help you there too. Just sync your phone via Bluetooth and crank your Saturday night playlist through its speakers.

Price: $49

Norelco Click & Style

You're in school. This is the time to experiment, especially with your face and body hair styles. That's what makes this little device so convenient. It can give you a close shave and allows you to shape that weird goatee into something awesome. Also, we all know manscaping is important. This Norelco helps with all of that, in both wet and dry situations.

Price: $59

XBox One

This may seem like an odd addition to a back to school guide, but stick with me. First, they now offer a Kinect-less version for only $399. That's $100 cheaper than before. You don't have to be an Econ major to know that's a sweet deal. Second, the Xbox One has a great Skype experience, so it's an easy way to stay in touch with long-distance pals. Third, speaking of distance, Xbox LIVE lets you play with anyone, anywhere in the world. That way you can continue talking s**t to your best friend at another campus.

Price: $399