'Justice League' Gets One More Member On 'The Flash'

Today's forecast for Center City: Firestorm on the horizon.

Robbie Amell might have been stripped of his status as a Tomorrow Person, but as backup options go, a coveted membership in the Justice League isn't so bad. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Amell will be back at the CW before the year is out, playing the role of Ronnie Raymond in "Arrow" spinoff "The Flash."

For those not in the know, Ronnie Raymond ultimately makes up one half of the nuclear-fused DC superhero known as Firestorm, whose body houses the consciousness of both Ronnie and brilliant physicist Martin Stein. However, it's not clear as of yet where his transformation will fit into the "Flash" timeline; Amell's role is described as a "major recurring" one beginning in episode three, where he'll be introduced as the fiance of Caitlin Snow. (There's also no mention yet of anyone having been cast to play Martin Stein, which means that he might never show up at all, but which also means that it's not too late for them to get Eugene Levy in the role.)

Meanwhile, Robbie's cousin Stephen Amell, who plays the titular character in "Arrow," sweetened the casting news with a tweet welcoming his relative to Central City's most elite club.

"The Flash" premieres on the CW October 7 at 8pm.