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Pornhub Asks Users To Stop Uploading Brazil Vs Germany Highlights As 'Public Humiliation'

Internet pranksters are overloading the adult video site's servers with embarrassing soccer footage.

Losing when you're the home team is degrading enough, but Brazil's soccer players received an extra pounding to their pride after yesterday's 1-7 World Cup loss to Germany: A bunch of internet trolls laughing at their expense.

It didn't take long for Pornhub users to upload clips from the game under the adult site's "Public Humiliation" category, which apparently exists. (We only watch the "Romantic Partners Treated With Tenderness & Respect" category.) For example, here's a screengrab:

In a tweet that's going viral, Pornhub implored its fapping fans to cease and desist, perhaps due to fears of a FIFA lawsuit -- or perhaps because its servers couldn't handle the massive load:

At least they have a sense of humor about it, although maybe there'll be a compromise when some adult film company releases "World D-Cup: The XXX Parody."