Successfully Dodging Cops With Miley Cyrus Is Just One Reason Mac Miller's Life Is More 'Dope' Than Yours

As Season 2 of the rapper's reality show nears, we're looking back at the moments that prove he's kind of a big deal.

Even before rapper-on-the-rise Mac Miller signed up for his own reality show last year, we had a pretty good idea that he had an awesome life. But "Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family" proved exactly what we suspected: Mac's got it made!

Now, with Season 2 about to kick off and take us on yet another wild ride, we're looking back at last year's highlights. Check out five of Mac's "Most Dope" moments:

1. His whip is probably worth more than your house.

On the very first episode, Complex mag gifted Mac with a brand new 2013 Fisker -- a present valued at over $100M. You know, NBD.

2. Mac and Miley partied in the U-S-A, no matter what the cops said.

Police tried to break up Mac's "End of the World" party, but with a superstar like Miley Cyrus as a guest, there was no way this shindig was ending anytime soon. Fortunately, Mac sent his boy Big Dave to calm down the cops.

3. His real family proved they're most dope, too!

Mac's brood kept him grounded by beating him at Scrabble while supporting his big-business dreams at the same time.

4. Mac showed he can morph into, like, anyone.

And that includes his jazzy alter-ego Larry Lovestein.

5. He's a high-roller.

No one does Sin City quite like Mac Miller -- and this video shot from his lavish Vegas suite proved it.

Not convinced that Mac's livin' it up? Check out this playlist for the full list of Mac's "Most Dope" moments -- and don't miss the premiere of "Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family" Season 2 at 11/10c on MTV2!