Here's Music For Your Dog, Courtesy Of Fun.'s Andrew Dost

Dost created music for DOGTV.

Fun.'s Andrew Dost has proved he knows how to make music for starting a bar fight and pulling an liquor-fueled all-nighter, but that's not at all his intention this time.

Mainly because it's not for you, but for your dog. Yep, the multi-instrumentalist wrote a four-minute song for DOGTV, a two-year-old network that describes itself as "the perfect babysitter for dogs who have to stay home alone."

And since he knows you don't want your dog breaking beer bottles and causing a "We Are Young"-like ruckus when you're not around, this one's a bit more subdued than what you're used to from the rock trio, using primarily harp and piano -- with an occasional dog pant thrown in -- and rarely louder than a murmur.

"I approached this composition project differently than I would for human ears. I made sure the range of frequencies and instrumentation were tailored to a dog's unique sense of hearing and kept things musically more level and linear," Dost said in a statement to the Associated Press on Tuesday (July 8).

The song premiered on Monday during a relaxation segment, according to the AP. The segments include "relaxing and stimulate content" that is meant to keep dogs calm and peaceful while their owners are away, according to the network's website. The song is accompanied by equally tranquil images of the oceanside, a park, and a forest.