Burak Cingi / Getty Images

Earl Sweatshirt Is At The End Of His Rope, Cancels Remaining Tour Dates

Feel better Earl.

Sometimes you have to know when to call it quits -- just ask Earl Sweatshirt.

On Tuesday (July 8), the Odd Future MC took to Twitter and regretfully told his fans that he will be canceling the rest of the dates on his current tour, which mostly consists of European festuval dates.

"Due to lack of self maintenance ..... i had to press eject on the tour. I am physically and mentally at the end of my rope," he wrote today.

Earl also noted that only weighs a "fraction" of what he should. Still there is some good news, after he returns home the Doris MC plans to finish up his next LP. "now that I am home I can get healthy and get this album out to y'all while it's still fresh," he promised.