Ciara And Future's Baby: Still Adorable, Still Better Dressed Than You

Check the photo, and weep with envy.

Wow, it would be really embarrassing if a seven-week-old infant had better style than you, a fully (or at least mostly fully) grown human being. Good thing that's not likely to happen, because -- OH WAIT IT JUST DID.

Check out the latest photo of Ciara and Future's baby that the "Body Party" singer shared on Instagram on Monday.


In the picture, Future Zahir Wilburn is wearing a red and black Air Jordan onesie (prophetically emblazoned with the words "RISE ABOVE ALL") while lying down on some kind of fluffy blanket with, wait... Does that blanket have bunny ears sewn onto it? THAT BLANKET HAS BUNNY EARS SEWN ONTO IT.

Get out of here, piglet eating ice cream -- there's a new cutest photo ever in town.

Last July, Ciara told MTV how obsessed with kids she is, saying: "I absolutely love kids. They are the sweetest creatures on earth... They're just so fun and full of life." This photo of lil bb Future is certainly giving me a whole lotta life right now, so I guess she was right.