16 GIFs That Prove Joe Manganiello And Sofia Vergara Are The Perfect Couple

The two sexiest people in Hollywood make a ridiculously good-looking pair.

Although they haven't confirmed it themselves, sources close to Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara have reportedly informed the press that the two are now an item, leading to important questions like, "When?" and "How?" and "What are the potential global ramifications of cramming that much raw hotness into a single romantic pairing?"

The bad news — apart from the prospect of Sofia's spicy sex appeal and Joe's animal magnetism colliding and throwing the universe completely off balance, forever — is that if the relationship is real, it's also so new that there's not a single photo yet of the happy couple in action. But that's okay; we can just use our imaginations, plus the magic of the internet, to picture them being adorable together! We're thinking it all went something like this.

When they first met, it would've been magic.

They probably bonded over a shared sense of humor.

When they discuss their relationship, it'll be like:

When they fight, it'll be like:

And when they make up, they'll be all:

And if they ever want to spice things up with some "Magic Mike" roleplay, you know it'll go something like this.

Of course, if they ever break up, things are going to get hairy.

But c'mon, that will never happen. They're too perfect for each other.