Paris Hilton's New Single Is Your Ethereal Princess Anthem

Listen to 'Come Alive.'

The patron saint of celebrity DJs, Paris Hilton, has beamed down from Planet Ibiza to give Earth a new single: "Come Alive," a thumping, EDM dance jam that's kinda like the sonic equivalent of getting trapped in a sandstorm of crushed pink Swarovski crystals, which is not as terrifying as it sounds TBH.

"I can be your dream girl/ I'll be your princess, whatever you choose/ I'll travel the world just to be with you," the "Good Time" singer softly lilts over a beat that's begging to be blasted at full volume while you cruise down some kind of ethereal, cosmic highway. I'm thinking Rainbow Road from "Mario Kart 64"?

Listen To Paris Hilton's "Come Alive"

Considering the video for "Come Alive" co-stars a unicorn (!), that all-out vision of rainbow-strewn, diamond-encrusted princessery probably isn't that far off from the visual we'll end up getting.

The track comes to us from Hilton's sophomore followup to 2006's Paris, which she described as "so much fun" and "very dance, very house" in an October interview with VH1. The YMCMB signee also teased album collaborations with Lil Wayne ("Good Time"), Snoop Dogg, and Flo Rida, but was beamed back up to her home planet before she could reveal any more.