Keira Knightley Can Sing Like A Bona Fide Folkster

Like legitimately — not just because of protools.

For every Keira Knightley there are approximately 54,392 other actresses out there who claim to be able to sing that, well, kinda-sorta can't. But the "Begin Again" star can actually, totally, 100% sing. Like really, really sing for real real.

Her folksy tone is prominently on display throughout the entirety of the film (which, if we may be so bold, is an warm-fuzzy delight of musical loveliness. Even the critics agree!), and takes center stage in the video for its breakup tune, "Like A Fool."

We get some candied Aimee Mann/Martha Wainwright vibes with a little bit of Beth Orton thrown in for good measure — what about you? Plus, this song breaks our heart in the best way.