Badass Baby Only Stops Crying For Nine Inch Nails

Face it: this baby is cooler than you.

This baby is like, 100% more badass than we are. Because for most wee toddlers the music of Nine Inch Nails is prooooooobably not going to be calming. But this baby is clearly not like other babies.

This baby is going to grow up into the sort of cool girl who dresses all in black and has a record collection filled with her parents favorite retro bands from the nineties, like Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana and Nine Inch Nails. (Natch.) She'll probably perfect cateye makeup before any of her friends and wear vintage t-shirts that are actually, well, old.

She's going to be one deep, philosophical baby: contemplating the meaning (or lack thereof) of life. After all, we're all just a copy of a copy those that have come before us (at least that's what Nine Inch Nails thinks). This baby is going to be that cool girl you wish was your friend in college.

For anyone wondering, the song playing in the video is "Copy of A" off Nine Inch Nail's latest album Hesitation Marks:

Trent Reznor's been tweeting a lot of his feelings lately, maybe he'll find out about his latest superfan and give her some love?