Jimmy Kimmel In A Leotard Dancing To Sia Will Make Your Day

Blondes totally have more fun.

Ever wanted to see Jimmy Kimmel pirouette while donning a blonde wig and nude leotard? It's your lucky day! The late night talk show host has seen fit to make all the dreams you never knew you had come true with his latest behind the scenes video – and he dragged co-host Guillermo along for the rond de jambe-filled romp.

It may be the song of the summer, but Sia's "Chandelier" also boasts a choreography-filled music video starring 11-year-old "Dance Moms" phenom Maddie Ziegler. Kimmel invited Ziegler to teach him and Guillermo, "how to fly like a bird through the night and swing from the chandelier."

The duo met Ziegler on the infamous "Chandelier" set ("Your room is very scary, by the way," Kimmel observed), where she promptly laid out the moves to the dazed-looking duo. They also received a lesson in making "crazy eyes." "If you can't do the choreography, then you just have to sell it with your face," Ziegler wisely noted.

What followed – each man's attempt at Ziegler's amazing moves – leaves us short of words.

Is it just us, or did Guillermo totally blow Kimmel out of the water with his "dancer's face" and surprisingly graceful intro?

For means of comparison, here's the original "Chandelier" video: