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Here's How Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus And Other Celebs Celebrated The Fourth Of July

Poolside, performing or Disney World.

Now that we're recovering from hangoversBBQ comas all the fireworks fun from America's birthday celebration, we wanted to see how celebrities spent their 4th of July. From the looks of it, there was plenty of fun in the sun, festive outfits, sparklers and hanging with friends to go around.

Vanessa Hudgens chilled out poolside, with a red, white and blue bikini and head scarf number:

Vanessa wasn't the only one showing a little skin, Zac Efron saluted fans and in turn showed off his impressive guns:

Mindy Kaling's sported her ode to Old Glory as a hoodie:

Marlon Wayans, Jennifer Hudson and Questlove snapped this backstage candid at the 2014 Philly 4th Of July Jam:

Lena Dunham flaunted some sparkle:

Miley Cyrus got ready to dive into a pool:

Plus, Miley cuddled up to a bald eagle:

Miley also gave her best Uncle Sam impression:

Also, um, Smilers, do you know what this is about? (oh look, there's a cat!):

... And Katy Perry went to Disney World, duh. She's still living the teenage dream.

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