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Rihanna Aside, Snooki Says B-Capp's 'Love & Music' Is Her Favorite Song...Ever

The artist's latest jam is already set to make this summer even hotter!

If you're one of many beach-goers with summer road trips ahead -- and your playlist is more tired than U.S. goalkeeper Tim Howard after the 2014 FIFA World Cup, you're in luck: B-Capp, who's signed to Nicole Polizzi's Team Snooki Music, has got a new track that's bound to set your speakers on fire.

"Love & Music," B-Capp's latest jam, has already got the masses moving (including Snooki's young son, Lorenzo), and Polizzi recently told MTV News she couldn't be prouder.

"B-Capp has the whole package: The looks, the dance moves, the voice, the entertaining performances and great personality," she said. "I am beyond proud of him and admire how hard he works to make his dreams come true."

B-Capp, who recently snatched up Best Pop Artist at the New England Urban Music Awards, is "just an unstoppable force," Polizzi gushed, adding that "Love & Music" has left quite an impression on her.

"Karma days or not, I'll blast this track in the gym while I do my cardio," she proudly declared. "He knows this, but this is literally my favorite song ever besides Rihanna 'We Found Love.'" Quite an honor!

Check out the video, and share your thoughts on B-Capp's latest!