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Keira Knightley Really Wants Katy Perry's 'Twisty T--s'

We may or may not hear her roar.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

You've seen Keira Knightley decked out in Renaissance-period costumes, soccer uniforms and a wedding dress -- might a set of crazy chest accessories a la "shiny pop star" Katy Perry be next?

Knightley, who stars in the new movie "Begin Again" alongside Mark Ruffalo and Adam Levine, showcased her vocal abilities for the movie's soundtrack. Asked by MTV News whether she'd ever like to record an album, however, Knightley balked.

"No!" Knightley said.

That's not to say that Knightley finds nothing appealing about the pop life. For one thing, she could spend some time with tigers. That's not even mentioning the costumes that touring popsters get to don.

Check out the clip above to find out what, specifically, Knightley wants to steal from Katy Perry's wardrobe.