Watch Sia Recreate That Crazy 'Chandelier' Video With The New York City Gay Men's Chorus

Garboing -- it's the new thing.

Sia has basically started a new craze. Let's call it Greta Garboing: IE, making like the famously reclusive actress and refusing to show her face in public settings. The most recent act of Garboing? That would be her performance at Logo's "Trailblazers," during which she sang (we're assuming that was her) with her back the camera.

Backed by the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus -- in Sia wigs -- the singer belted out her single "Chandelier" while choreographer Ryan Heffington performed an interpretive dance reminiscent of the music video for that jam.

The whole thing was pretty similar to Sia's appearance on "Late Night With Seth Meyers," which saw actress Lena Dunham stepping into the spotlight while the musician lay facedown on a bed.

Girl, we love the way you tease! Check out the performance below: