Brad Pitt Gets the Wartime Blues in 'Fury' Poster

Well, WWII wasn't exactly a picnic.

Brad Pitt, you sure do look sad and brooding in the poster for your latest, the WWII film "Fury."

Got a lil something on your mind there, bub? (Other than your haircut, of course.)

We suppose the weariness is warranted — after all, the second world war was hardly a happy-go-lucky time for, well, anyone in the world. To say nothing of its after-affects and how it changed society forever.

Starring alongside Pitt are Logan Lerman, Shia LaBeouf, Michael Peña and Jon Bernthal, portraying a five-man tank crew in the waning days of the war, right in the heart of Nazi Germany. The film looks to have everything you'd expect from a war film: tanks, quirky soldier nicknames (Wardaddy, Bible), dirt, explosions, ruminations on the affects of war on people mentally/emotionally/physically, and a hardened portrayal of one of the most historic wars our tiny blue marble has ever seen.

And for a bit of additional information, here's that first footage of the film (so you can do your own deductive reasoning) again:

"Fury" hits theaters in November.