Miley Cyrus Grinds On A Banana Because Amsterdam

Just to be thorough, Miley also rode a hot dog.

How do you go out with a bang(erz) when you're Miley Cyrus and literally top yourself on the daily when it comes to going next-level? Whether it's sharing topless selfies, riding an inflatable penis, making headlines from her twerktastic VMA performance, or motor-boating your best friend, Miley goes all in.

So, for her Bangerz Tour stop at Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, Miley got down and dirty with an inflatable banana onstage and oddly, the giant blow-up fruit looked like a natural extension. Bonus: it paired well with her fuzzy coat.

If you recall, the last time Miley Cyrus was Amsterdam at the 2013 MTV EMA, she lit up a joint in front of the show's cameras and audiences of millions, so clearly the riding of a giant banana felt like small potatoes in comparison. Must be something in the air in Amsterdam that brings out the best in Miley. That something might be the same thing that also brings out the inflatable fruit.

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Miley also rode an inflatable hot dog because Miley.