Sesame Street Parodies 'True Blood' With 'True Mud' And It's Hysterical

Sesame Street gets dirty for 'True Mud.'

Leave it to our fuzzy friends on "Sesame Street" to combine a rhyming lesson with a parody of HBO's "True Blood."

Billed as "The Yuckiest Show On Television" and presented by Grouch B-O, their "True Mud" clip gets dirty (in a PG way), and completes its spoof with Southern accents, a request for True Mud and the possibility of one character being "one of them grouches."

While it may not be quite as revealing as the real "True Blood" teaser clips, it's good kid-safe-prep for the season seven premiere on Sunday. Plus, 'Sesame Street's remake of the theme song? Priceless.

Check it out:

The final season of “True Blood” premieres this Sunday, June 22, at 9 p.m. ET.