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Nicki Minaj Sees The Pink Print As 'A Blue Print For Female Rappers To Come'

Ladies, take note.

There's no doubt that Nicki Minaj is an inspiration to some aspiring female rappers, and with her third album, The Pink Print, she's taking that role to new heights.

"Jay has had his Blueprint albums and that's what I feel like this album's gonna be," she told BBC 1Xtra's DJ Semtex in an interview on Friday. I really feel like this album will be like a Blueprint for female rappers to come."

Fans can also expect a more confident album this time around. "I think the second album lacked a little bit of focus, I think the first album was very focused and very raw and just very real, and I think the third album is back to just being raw and real," she said. "I'm addressing things that I've never addressed before on the third album."

The first single, "Pills N Potions," is a departure from her earlier work, revealing a more vulnerable side of the rapper.

"I wanted the sound to be a newer sound and people never heard me sing in that tone, and it was just something fresh and new," Nicki said of the single, adding that the feelings expressed in the song are universal and connect with people.

"Everybody has felt like they're angry, but they still love somebody, and something about that line I feel is just like one of the strongest lines ever said. 'I'm angry, but I still love you' I think there's something that's very classic and iconic about that because everyone can relate."

Whether Lil Wayne will appear on The Pink Print is yet to be determined, but Minaj revealed in the interview that they're in the same studio for the next few weeks. "I sent him something he liked, but I didn't hear his verse yet... But I think overall my connection with Wayne is so deep that I don't gotta be on his album and he don't gotta be on my album for him to always play a role of mentor in my life."

We can also presumably expect some new material to drop soon. "I have some stuff coming out in the next couple weeks that are gonna blow people's minds," she said.

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