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Katy Perry Offers Hillary Clinton A Campaign Song…'If She Needs It'

'Roar' singer says she's offered to write a campaign theme song... if need be.

Katy Perry better get a new ballot dress: If things go the way she'd like, she'll need one with the name "Hillary Clinton" on it.

Sure, Clinton may not have announced whether or not she's running for president -- in fact, she's dodged the question over and over again, each time rather gracefully -- but if she does, Perry made it clear that she has her full support.

On Thursday, the two met at Clinton's Los Angeles book signing for "Hard Choices," her new memoir about her four years as Secretary of State. The "Roar" singer not only snapped a picture with more girl power than a Spice Girls tour bus, but she also offered to write a theme song if she decides to put her name in the hat for the 2016 campaign.

This is not the first time Perry has gotten political. She's spoken out about the United States' health care problem in an interview with Rolling Stone, has long been an advocate for gay rights, and has been openly supportive of President Barack Obama -- even dressing as a human ballot at a rally for the POTUS during the 2012 campaign.