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Game Wishes 'Congrats' To G-Unit On Reunion

No hard feelings.

When G-Unit reunited earlier this month at Summer Jam -- a move that has since led to new songs, with an album due later this year -- one member from the group's heyday was missing: Game.

But the Los Angeles native, who split less-than-amicably with the Unit last decade, was actually excited to see his old group mates come back together.

"Congrats on G-Unit getting back together; that was cool, man," he said during a recent interview with DJ Skee.

"I saw the pictures online and I actually, genuinely, like, from my heart, I thought it was a cool thing," he added. "Especially for [Young] Buck, who is a good friend of mine. I just think that anything that keeps him going musically is dope."

Game collaborated with Buck back in January on "Rolling Stone," off of DJ Kay Slay's The Rise of a City. He hasn't dealt with the other members of G-Unit in some time, though, but that doesn't change how he feels about the move.

"Yayo, 50 and Banks, I haven't talked to in a long time, but just seeing them back together, that was cool, man. I thought that was dope."

It's not all love for Game these days, though.

Earlier this week, he released "Bigger Than Me," a new single where he gets fired up about the state of rap music. With particular shots at the new class of rappers, he sounds like he's out to cement the respect he's earned since dropping his debut in 2005.

His Blood Money compilation Blood Moon is due out in September, while his next solo effort, The Documentary 2, is tentatively slated for a January release.