Lady Gaga Ends Her Night Pantsless, With Pizza

If you've got a better way, we'd like to hear it.

There's one question everyone needs to ask themselves before going out: Will my pants make it through the night? There's really no way of knowing for sure. That could be why Lady Gaga opted for a combo of fishnets and hiked-up hot pants instead, so as to sidestep the looming specter of unplanned pantslessness entirely.

In case you missed it, the "G.U.Y." singer was out and about in New York City on Wednesday night, getting a Tony Bennett-inspired trumpet tattoo by East Village-based artist "Bad News Becca" Roach followed by some "Boozes" at a bar.


Around midnight, Gaga hit up a pizzeria to grab a dollar slice, which probably cost, like, $2.20, but whatever. I'm assuming she also hassled the owner over the suspiciously thick, almost deep-dish-looking pie on the top shelf of the display, what with her being from New York and all.

And that's how you end a night out. We should all be so lucky.


Pants may come and go, but pizza is forever.