Hail Caesar: Stanley Tucci Says Goodbye To 'The Hunger Games'

The odds are no longer in his favor.

With Reporting by Josh Horowitz

"All done."

That's the word from Stanley Tucci when it comes to his work on "The Hunger Games" series. Tucci, who next stars as an über-rich and eccentric inventor in the action-packed "Transformers: Age of Extinction," spoke with MTV News at the film's premiere in Hong Kong, and spared some time to look back on his work in the high-stakes world of Panem.

Tucci finished his work on the upcoming two-part "Mockingjay" a few months ago, only on set for a handful of days before putting the role of flamboyant talk show host Caesar Flickerman to bed for good.

"In the last two, he has a bit less to do," Tucci said. "But it was great nonetheless. They're great movies."

Even though his final moments with the character were brief, Tucci cherished the opportunity to sink those pearly-white teeth into Caesar one last time.

"Those are great people, and it's such a fun character. So much fun," he said. "I got to know Woody Harrelson, who I adore. Josh and Jennifer, of course. The loveliest people. Lovely people."

"I was very sad to say goodbye to them," he continued. "You don't always feel that way when you finish a movie."

Luckily for fans, they have more time to say goodbye to Caesar than Tucci did; the first part of "Mockingjay" hits theaters on November 21 of this year, with the grand finale debuting on November 20, 2015.

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