G-Unit Return To Mean-Muggin' Ways In 'Nah I'm Talkin' 'Bout' Video

The Unit drops their first video since reuniting.

The weeks since the G-Unit reunion has brought us a number of firsts. There was their first appearance together, at Hot 97's Summer Jam. And then their first new track, just a day later. On Monday, we got their first non-remix, with "They Talked About Jesus."

And now we're getting their first music video. Fittingly, the Unit takes the first song they dropped, "Nah I'm Talkin' 'Bout" (a remix of HS-87's "Grindin' My Whole Life"), and give it the visual treatment. 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, Tony Yayo and Kidd Kidd mean mug in a warehouse-looking setting as they recapture a feeling of yesteryear.

Expect to be seeing a lot more like this, too. The group has plans to drop an album by November, and 50 says that his recent release, Animal Ambition, is simply setting up his next project, Street King Immortal, as well as the Unit's album.

“I’m satisfied with the momentum, because it’s building to what I need it to be for Street King Immortal,” 50 Told MTV News of Animal Ambition’s sales. “[And] just the excitement of having everybody back around too. It’s adding to the momentum, because they’re hearing more music from me, or G-Unit. It’s all my music.”