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Malia Obama Is Going To Space With Halle Berry, Kinda

It's about time she got a job.

Well, it's about time the elder First Daughter got a job! When we were Malia Obama's age, we were -- oh, wait. She's 15 years old. We were watching TV and horfing goldfish crackers by the handful after school when we were 15.

Malia Obama appears to have joined the working world, and in the entertainment industry no less, according to a report from TheWrap. She was spotted working as a production assistant on the set of CBS' "Extant," the Halle Berry-starring sci-fi series.

Berry plays an astronaut who comes back to Earth with a few mysteries to solve -- and a baby growing inside her. Bwuh? The pilot premieres July 9.

Obama was helping out on-set of reshoots for the debut episode in Los Angeles.

The Obama family hit Southern California over the weekend surrounding Papa Bear (that's President Barack Obama to you) speaking at the commencement ceremony for University of California - Irvine.

According to an unnamed source, Malia was allowed to slate a take on the shoot.

"My first time," the source quoted lil M as saying. "This is a big deal."