'Hellion' Star Aaron Paul Tells Us What He Was Like At 13

And makes us wish we were friends with him.

Aaron Paul is an established, respected TV and movie actor, whose latest film "Hellion" sees him playing a father of a teenager (played by Josh Wiggins).

But Paul wasn't always so respectable, especially when he, like his on-screen son, was thirteen.

"That's eighth-grade summer, right? That was the greatest summer of my life," Paul told MTV News in advance of the movie's release in theaters. "The summer nights in Idaho, roller-blading around, sneaking into girls houses, getting chased away from their fathers. It was so fun!"

Paul apparently was a bit of a wild child. A real Jesse Pinkman, maybe?

"I wasn't a bad kid, but I just liked to roller-blade and make out with girls," Paul responded.

"Hellion" is also filled to the brim with heavy metal music, but the chill Paul probably wouldn't have any of it playing on his iPod.

"Definitely not metal, but I think it's a perfect fit for this film," Paul noted on his personal music choices. "I'm more of like a Radiohead guy."

The young star also wore another hat in the film (in addition to the one he was wearing during the interview), taking on the role of Executive Producer. How was he as an EP on set?

"I have no idea, I still don't know what I'm doing, let's be honest," Paul joked. "I had a hand in who was going to be in the film, who I thought would be good for Jacob. It was very important to all of us to find the right kid, because it's his movie."

"Hellion" is in theaters now.