Jennifer Lopez's World Cup Performance: See The 7 Best Costumes

It's a tossup between the cello and the tree.

Sure, we couldn't really hear much of Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull and Brazilian superstar Claudia Leitte's performance of "We Are One," but the 2014 FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremony had one thing going for it: It was pretty. Like, really pretty.

To pay tribute to the many diverse regions of Brazil, performers dressed up as trees, flowers, musical instruments, soccerballs -- you name it. See the seven best costumes below:

1. This Human Cello

2. The Kid Who Rode A Canoe

3. This Human Tree

4. Whatever This Is

5. These Human Soccerballs

6. This Human Flower

7. And, of course, Jennifer Lopez... Because No One Else Could Pull This Off