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'22 Jump Street': Channing Tatum And Jonah Hill Explain The Origin Of Their Stunt-Filled Relationship

'This is why I'm dumb,' Tatum told MTV News.

"22 Jump Street" opens in theaters tomorrow (June 13), and it's fair to say — having seen the movie — that the stunts are amped up to an insane degree. But between stars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, is there an agreement on how to handle comedic action?

"I would say quite different philosophies," Hill said as Tatum broke out laughing when MTV News caught up with the duo in advance of the movie's release. "One of us, I'm not going to tell you which one, likes doing them, and is really good at them."

The first movie — "21 Jump Street" — certainly began a tradition of Tatum handling most of the action, while Hill handled being the romantic lead. But in "22," the disparity is amped up to hilarious levels, with Hill quipping later in the movie that Tatum is basically Spider-Man.

"[It] proved to be a really dumb idea I had in the first one," Tatum continued. "I was like, yeah, I'm all in! First time I'm in a comedy, I'm going for it! Next thing I know, I'm diving over a couch, expecting Jonah to dive over the couch on day one of filming the first movie.

"And then Jonah just runs up to the couch and goes, 'nope, not doing that!'"

"And [I] just walk[ed] around the couch," Hill finished, laughing. "And everyone started laughing, and I was like, oh cool, I'll just do this for the next two movies!"

That moment, on the first day of filming, wasn't just the genesis of a running joke, it's also something that underlined the differences between their characters Schmidt and Jenko.

"This is why I'm dumb," Tatum quipped. "He's smart in this movie."

You can see whether Hill is able to keep up with Tatum for yourself when "22 Jump Street" opens in theaters June 13.