Take An Inter-Dimensional Sonic Trip With Bassnectar's 'Hold On'

Listen to the new TURSI-featuring 'Noise vs. Beauty' track.

Considering the title of his upcoming record is Noise vs. Beauty, Bassnectar (aka Lorin Ashton), certainly seems to know which side his musical bread is buttered on -- or which side his bass is nectared on, you might say? You get it, right? Kinda?

Like the previous cuts we've heard so far -- like "Now" featuring Rye Rye, and "You and Me" featuring W Darling -- "Hold On," featuring TURSI (aka Dorfex Bos) is a study in the contrast between noise and beauty.

Unspooling like a trip through an inter-dimensional wormhole, the track begins slowly and pensively, with a heavily effected vocal from Angelo Tursi, pausing before exploding into a sonic storm.

While plenty of Bassnectar's club-filling, electronic signatures are present here, there's a heavy songwriting focus and progressive indie-rock interplay at work, too -- a sound he referred to as “Sigur Ros vs. Bon Iver vs. Mumford and Sons vs. who the f--k knows,” in a recent interview with Vice. See how accurate that self-assessment is below.