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Three Shows That Prove That You Shouldn't Go To (TV) College

Stay in school, unless it makes your show boring.

Here's one thing we hope is an absolute truth from "Pretty Little Liars" showrunner Marlene King's reddit AMA yesterday: We won't have to see the liars lie through college.

"There will be a time jump," she said. "It may be on the TV show, or the movies we are starting to talk about, but there will be a time jump. We will 'jump' college."

While normally we'd urge you to stay in school, for our own selfish reasons, we're jumping for joy that we won't have to DVR the girls' lives as co-eds. These three recent past examples have shown us that when it comes to soapy shows, it's best to bypass the books and jump ahead to the good part. After all, high school is nothing compared to how juicy adulthood can be.

"The O.C."

The ultimate teen soap opera graduated (and, in one case, killed off, oops) its main cast at the end of Season 3, and its characters went their separate ways for the fourth and final season of the show. And guess what? It wasn't awesome. Summer went to Brown, then came back, Taylor went to France, except she didn't, and, ugh, everything was just all wrong.


No, but really: Is anyone going to say that the weird limbo of following the college kids to NYADA in New York while still trying to stay connected with the still-in-school McKinley kids worked? Anyone? That's why we never heard from that girl with the lunch lady mom again, and we assume that now, with Schu out of that school's halls, we'll pick up next season in the Big Apple. See ya later, Ohio.

"Gossip Girl"

Hey there, Upper East Siders: You can take the New York out of "Gossip Girl," but you can't take the -- no, wait, that's a lie. Blair and Serena needed to be in New York, both of them, for the show to work. Except when they were in Paris. Paris is always the exception to the rule, dahling.

Of course, "Friday Night Lights" bridged the high school-college gap with aplomb, but what didn't that show do right? (Shhh, Season 2 was a long time ago.)