Harmony Korine's Dior Addict Commercial Is Weird, But 'Spring Breakers' Is Still Weirder

Franco not included.

Harmony Korine, who caused what our grandmothers would call quite the stir with last year's James-Franco-in-cornrows-starring "Spring Breakers," shot a commercial for Dior's Addict fragrance, and, guys, it's pretty strange.

Fragrance commercials are known for their floaty dreaminess -- after all, what better way to visually represent a smell than with Britney Spears running barefoot through the woods and shushing you or whatever, looking like she smells all good while doing so -- but this one is a little off the charts.

What begins as your typical lounge time (in couture, of course) set to the strains of Die Antwoord soon becomes an actual trip through the looking glass. After some time rubbing the walls and looking at flowers and stuff, our blonde hero, model Sasha Luss, emerges, topless (?!), on the other side of the mirror again.

All this is missing, ladies and gents, is Franco imploring us to look at his sh--.

Check out the director's cut of the commercial above.