This Wytches Track Will Give You The Shivers

The U.K. band dropped 'The Holy Tightrope' today.

Get ready to creep in the summer heat: U.K. band The Wytches are out with a new track Monday (June 9) and it will give you goosebumps despite the sun 'n' fun.

"The Holy Tightrope" comes off of a limited-edition 7-inch single the band is releasing before heading out on North American tour with Cloud Nothings and METZ in July.

For those not in the know, The Wytches are a ... we're just going to call them "gloom rock" ... a gloom rock band that throws a seance with every song -- a seance replete with rattling bones, guttering candle flames, and deep-dark ghosts that break through the borders of life and death to haunt your brain. And all this cosmos-shaking power comes from 21-year-old frontman Kristian Bell, who lives at home and composes tunes in his bedroom. So get off my back, Mom and Dad -- am I right?

While you wait for their debut record, Annabel Dream Reader, to drop on August 26, check out "The Holy Tightrope" below.