All The Gross Ways You Reacted To Seeing 'The Fault In Our Stars'

You know you did, okay? Okay.

By Caitlyn Callegari

"The Fault in Our Stars" premiered this weekend so you know what that means-- tears, lots of em'. If you happen to be one of those sobbing mega fans, fear not! You aren't alone on that front. "The Fault in Our Stars" has reduced us all to blubbering, incoherent messes of people.

Here's a blush-inducing and detailed rehashing of what you did while viewing "TFIOS" for the very first time:

1. Cried... instantly.

Opening credits rolled:


...And every second after the credits rolled.

2. Tried to pretend you weren't crying when things like this happened:

Resistance is futile.

3. Mopped up aforementioned tears with any sort of fabric near you.

Shirt, scarf, shorts, pocketbook, the popcorn bag...

4. Shunned your friends when you realized that they WEREN'T crying (?!?!)

And they reacted like this...

5. Or when you did this because the person behind you wouldn't stop talking:

6. Gripped the stranger's hand next to you when it all became too much.



7. Melted into your seat to avoid others looking at you babbling.

8. Outwardly cursing John Green for the injustice:



9. Turned to your best friend to discuss every detail that was different than the book.

To the dismay of others around you...


10. This:

When This Happened:

11. Or that:

When that happened:

12. Or basically this:

Any time these two showed up on screen together:

Wear those tear stained cheeks proudly. You've waited long and hard for this movie to come to fruition!