The Full-Length Trailer For 'The Strain' Is The Vampire Nightmare Of Your Dreams

Be still, my beating (worm-infested, disembodied) heart.

The first full-length trailer for FX's "The Strain" is here, proving once again that there is no more unsettling premise for a show than an airplane full of inexplicably dead people... except, possibly, an airplane full of inexplicably undead people whose bodies are infested with vampire worms.

"The Strain," which boasts Guillermo del Toro as its creator and is based on his novel by the same name, premieres next month. And although there have been a couple of creepy teasers — including that virtually unwatchable clip in which a worm goes spelunking in somebody's pupil — this is the first look we're getting at actual footage from the series which has promised to breathe new life into the vampire genre.

Among the highlights of the new trailer: the aforementioned airplane full of bodies; a man with an extra set of eyelids; an appearance by David Bradley a.k.a. Walder Frey a.k.a. Argus Filch; and a human heart, covered in worms, beating furiously inside a glass jar.

The only thing still missing is a good look at the vampires themselves. But based on the last few shots from the trailer, these clearly aren't the brooding, sappy, sensitive sort who only want to suck face in the romantic sense.

"The Strain" premieres on FX July 13.