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Lil Wayne, YMCMB Still Have Justin Bieber's Back After Second Racist Tape

'He treats his people with respect,' Mack Maine says.

While the chorus of support was a bit quieter this time around, Justin Bieber did hear from at least one of his hip-hop world friends on Wednesday after the release of a second video in which he uses racist speech.

The 28-second clip shows Bieber singing a highly offensive version his 2010 song "One Less Lonely Girl." "One less lonely n—-r/ One less lonely n—-r … there’s gonna be one less lonely n—-r," he sings and laughs while looking into the camera before ending with a joke about the Ku Klux Klan. Both Bieber and his manager, Scooter Braun, immediately issued strongly worded statements about the clip, which was reportedly recorded when Justin was 14.


And while JB got support from friends such as Floyd Mayweather and Soulja Boy the first time around, this time the YMCMB crew said they had his back.

According to TMZ, Lil Wayne, Birdman and Mack Maine told the site that they still consider Bieber family. Maine reportedly said that everyone on the label has hung out with Bieber a lot and they have not detected any racism from the singer, noting that the majority of JB's crew is black and that "Bieber does not have a slave mentality. He treats his people with respect."

Further, Mack said that Bieber has, "legitimately adopted the culture of the hip-hop, African-American culture" and that YMCMB will continue to work with the singer. The Young Money president said that the YMCMB crew think that Bieber's youth at the time of the video's recording is very relevant and that he is not one to cast stones. "I remember telling a white man, Chinese man, Black man joke as a kid that was terrible and I told it to my friends because I thought they'd think it was funny," he said. The only difference? He didn't get caught on tape doing it.

TMZ also reported that Bieber told Will Smith and mentor Usher about the tape several years ago and told them he knew right away that it was a dumb thing to do. Usher reportedly took Justin aside and showed him some historically racist videos to drive home how hurtful the jokes were.