6 Things You Need To Know About 'Edge of Tomorrow'

Is this going to be summer's best blockbuster?

Summer movie season is upon us in full force, and harkening us back to those glory days of epic, big-budget blockbusters of the early aughts is Tom Cruise's latest, "Edge of Tomorrow." A high concept science fiction flick, it's so much more than the sum of its parts — and a wonderful counterpoint to the seemingly neverending comic book movie cavalcade that's come to dominate summer cinema as of late.

Tom Cruise no longer a draw for you when it comes to movies? Don't worry — you're hardly alone on that front. But we're here to tell you: this film is worth it. (We've seen it.) And to convince you of that fact, we're giving you a couple non-spoilery reasons to get you excited and out the door.

Emily Blunt Steals the Show

Listen: this may be a Tom Cruise movie — and I mean, he is in every scene so the description's accurate — but Emily Blunt's Rita is arguably its badassed-est hero. The Angel of Verdun, the Full Metal B—ch: regardless what you call her, Rita does not shy away from the roughest and toughest parts of fighting off these aliens — dying for the cause over and over again. And never once does she look for that credit or status — it just comes to her because of her pure, unadulterated awesomeness. If you're holding out for a hero, she's the one.

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It's Intelligent Sci-Fi

So many complaints lobbed against sci-fi films these days boil down to questions of the "Is this really possible? Have you really thought this out, logistically speaking?" variety. Mostly because aliens are fun, crazy, and literally out-of-this-world. Need there be a better reason for their inclusion in a film of any sort? Do you have to really think about the origins and machinations of a thing you've completely made up? Not necessarily, of course, but it sure is nice when you can tell the creators have done so, and in the case of "Edge of Tomorrow," this is no slapdash alien invasion.

Gamers Will Love It

You know how, when you play video games, you die a lot? But after those deaths you get to reboot and try again, taking with you the lessons that you learned from dying the last time? Yeah — "Edge of Tomorrow" is basically what happens when humans are given the same powers and abilities as their video game avatars; and that's certainly something gaming geeks can get behind.

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It's Non-Stop and Frenetic (In the Best Way)

This film starts running from second one and never stops. Not for a second. Paying attention is not only a necessity, it's a joy for the senses as you're thrust into brief moments of Cage's neverending day. Skirting borderline sensory overload, "Edge of Tomorrow" does.not.quit. And for that we are eternally appreciative. There's nary a moment of boredom to be found in this film. The script is tight in its focus — and it shows.

Worst "Groundhog Day" Ever?

Know what sucks? Having to die every day in order to save the world. If you find yourself frequently lamenting that more movies don't share plot points with the classic Bill Murray flick, "Groundhog Day," then you're going to love "Edge of Tomorrow."

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There's Tons of Comedy

Listen: we all know that speculating on a future wherein the earth is being attacked by aliens is rife with potential comedy of the unintended sort. "Edge of Tomorrow" is self-aware, though — and doesn't shy away from the laughs. (One particular scene involving a rolling Tom Cruise and a truck had us, well, rolling.)

And for any skeptics out there, we have two (OK, three) words for you: Bill Motherf--king Paxton. (We love you, Sergeant Farell!)

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