Wait, Is Harry Styles Naked In This Picture?

Harry's cousin becomes Directioners' favorite person after posting nude photo.

Directioners, take a deep breath because today is the day you get to see Harry Styles ... naked.

You can send your thank-you note to his cousin, Matt Selley, who posted the picture on his Twitter before deleting it. (But the Internet saves everything, of course.)

And this wasn't some caught-off-guard shot, as the One Direction singer was giving the peace sign to the camera as he sat in a leather chair shirtless and pantless, wearing nothing but what appears to be a purple bandana, with his tattoos on full display. The singer was enjoying a relaxing day watching the Froch vs. Groves boxing match with Matt and his other cousin Ben. Harry's cousin tweeted, "Just watched the fight from last night! Class! @Concept_Ben @Harry_Styles."

Harry later put some clothes on and took this adorable pic with his family during the Manchester stop of One Direction's Where We Are Tour.

This isn't the first time we've gotten a glimpse at a nearly naked Harry. I mean, he's pretty much always shirtless (not complaining). Back in October 2013, Harry decided to give us his best Miley Cyrus, dressing up as the pop star for Halloween. Styles sported some nude spandex shorts with his abs on full display. Just one month later, Twitter user @jagchaggartutis tweeted out a photo of Harry's bare bottom.