Taylor Swift Loves Watching Her Own Videos In Japan

The singer got a welcome surprise on her hotel TV: herself.

When on vacation, one of the best things to do after a busy day is to return to your hotel, flop on your bed and surf the channels of the in-room TV for a good movie or mindless sitcom re-runs. Or if you're Taylor Swift, you can turn on the tube and see yourself.

That's exactly what happened when Swift landed in Tokyo, after kicking off the Asia leg of her Red tour in Shanghai, China. With the click of a power button, the singer happened upon the MTV Japan channel (although we're going to assume she naturally watches MTV in every country she visits)... and her "Back To December" vid:

And while we are looking forward to Swift's next album, let's take a moment to remember Vintage Taylor shall we? The heartbreaking lyric, "If the chain is on your door/I understand," while tiny snowflakes gather around her curls? I mean, come on. Classic TaySway.

We're not sure if MTV Asia had some sort of marathon in the works (perhaps in honor of the singer's concert tour?), but Swift stayed glued to the TV, as "I Knew You Were Trouble" queued up next in programming.

The singer was a bit in shock, saying how the network on Channel 13 kept playing all of her videos, dubbing it "the best welcome ever." Better than those cute towels wrapped as animals? Yeah, probably.

Taylor jets off to Singapore June 9 to wrap up the Red tour.