Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Diddy And Meek Mill Want The Love On Boastful New Track

Bad Boy CEO gets pure energy from MMG rapper

By Maurice Bobb

Diddy and Meek Mill need that love from hip-hop, and they’re out to get it on the Bad Boy CEO’s new single, “I Want the Love,” released Friday (May 30).

An unfinished version of the percussion-heavy track, which is likely on Diddy’s upcoming new LP, Money Making Mitch, finds the Harlem native cloaked in his signature hubris, rapping lines like, “I’m a rich n---a I don’t get mad, I just get paper/I don’t catch feelings, I catch flights, that’s brick paper.”

The chorus, infused with kinetic energy by Meek, punctuates the song with anthemic potential, “I want the love, cause all I know is gettin’ money, knocking at the door I’m like ‘who is it bitch’ I tell you I want the love!”

The pummeling drums take each boastful line up a notch until the Dreams and Nightmares MC explodes on the track for his verse like a crate of unplugged grenades.

“Wanted the money and wanted the love, wanted them bitches that wanted the drugs/ That wanted the Molly and wanted the weed, I walk in the building, get love in the club, love in the streets,” he raps with rapid-fire delivery.

Diddy's camp reached out to MTV News to confirm that the version of the song floating around online isn't finished, so we'll just have to wait and see how it all turns out.