O-Town Drop A New Song, 50 Cent's Priceless Pitch And Everything You #NeedToKnow

Plus, why is Lady Gaga 'speechless'?

What was the most exciting thing you did this week? Did you graduate, go to a barbecue or, I don't know, skydive? Coincidentally, "Skydive" is also the title of O-Town's new single -- their first in a decade! Sadly, they're down one angel (Ashley Parker Angel, that is), but that's al right because this is more than any O-Town-obsessed fan could have asked for!

Not an O-Town fan? Maybe you're a sports enthusiast or 50 Cent fan. If so, then you probably saw the epic fail that was the rapper throwing the first pitch at a Mets game.

Also, Lady Gaga is "speechless."

We have the footage to prove it and all of this week's stories that you #NeedToKnow in the video below. Congratulations, if you're graduating or graduated within the past couple of weeks! Whether you are or feel nostalgic for some graduation song classics, we have those tunes for you in our @Spotify playlist. We're proud you finished school (and the week)!